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Broken series

Screening series

Feeding series

Mixing series

Two-stage vacuum extruder series

Auxiliary series

Motor series

Fully automatic cutting and transporting series

Single layer drying-running equipment

Secondary code burning on and off the shelf

Unloading Brick Packing System

CD Series

High Efficiency Stone Removal Roller

TS Series

three-axis horizontal screen

XGD Series

box belt feeder

QJ Series

mixing extruder


Heavy-duty two-stage vacuum brick extrusion unit


Disc Screen Feeder

YX(IP23) Series

high-efficiency high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motor

Fully automatic reversing table, down-pressing block cutting machine

Single-layer drying system--running equipment

Pallet storage units, rotary forklifts

Gongli Group

Modern Motor leader

Committed to empowering Chinese manufacturing and building a domestic leading and internationally competitive equipment manufacturing enterprise

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Gongli Group is a modern enterprise group developed in accordance with the layout of "production chain thinking and platform concept". It relies on technological innovation and quality assurance to shape its advantages. It is a national specialized, special and new "little giant" enterprise. Unit, the chairman unit of Shandong Equipment Manufacturing Association.

The group has several subsidiaries, such as Gongli Machinery Co., Ltd., Shandong Gonglida Motor Co., Ltd., Shandong Industry Research Institute Intelligent Motor Research Institute Co., Ltd., Shandong North Gongli Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., etc. The company's equipment digitization rate is as high as 92%. It has established a provincial-level enterprise technology center and a Shandong academician workstation, with strong R&D and innovation strength. It has more than 50 proprietary intellectual property rights, and participated in the formulation of more than 20 standards. Its product technology and quality are at the leading international advanced level, and its product quality and market share are industry-leading.

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